Samples of Creative Direct Mail Campaigns

Posted on June 1, 2011


Preparing for a direct mail campaign should be done carefully. A budget is at stake here and it must be effective enough to achieve your goal. Remember that your prospect is not only receiving a mail from you but from dozens of brands and companies as well. One way for your direct mail to stand out is to make it eye-catching, brilliantly clever & engaging. There are several ways of doing this.

1. Think of  a theme.

Think of a unique theme that would encompass the whole campaign and is related to your product. A great example of this was a corporate identity done by Touch Branding, a design team, which won two bronze awards from the Czech Art Directors Club.

Consistency is the key here, to strongly reinforce your message and build brand awareness, so your idea for the theme should be reflected in, not only your direct mail campaign, but in your other marketing efforts as well.

2. Pick the materials.

Your budget must be considered here as well as the theme of your campaign. So start asking around for the best prices regarding your required materials. See to it that the material fits perfectly the theme that you have in mind. Take a look at this mailer from BT Blackberry.

Since the theme was “stress-free” communiation, the blackberry was created as a stress-ball which is just simply perfect.

3. Make it engaging.

It must not only be colorful, bold & clever, it must also entice the recipient to explore more your mail & let them experience the message you’re trying to convey. See the example from the campaign from Green Belgium below.

People would be extremely curious with this kind of mailer, driving them to discover what lies behind those curious instructions.

4. Make it usable.

Again, make it relevant to your brand but consider it’s usability as well. You want something that they’d display in their room, house or anywhere where it can make an optimal impact or better yet, a conversation -starter (that would be a great way to spread the word around). Take a look at this direct mailer by Bodog Casino.

Recipient of this mailer would be encouraged to use this, as a sort of “test-drive” of their casino services.

5. Create an impact.

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created a somewhat controversial campaign that hits close to home, especially when the topic was about abandoned babies.

The message was clear and straight to the point, without even reading the copy within the mailer.


You can’t be afford to be dull and boring in your direct mailer. You have to be wildly creative for your target market to follow your call-to-action and to achieve your desired results. But do take into consideration the purpose of your mailer & your marketing budget.


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